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Maureen Marie Damery

Follow the song of your heart-embrace it's gentle whispers

for they are composed in the Source Code of Your Soul 


“Your mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is open.” ~Anthony J. D’Angelo

The similarities between the workings of our Mind/Body and computer technology are profoundly parallel. Having worked in the computing industry since the early 1990’s and the holistic field since 2003, I consistently see the correlation. Intriguingly, information technologies (I/T) are designed in our own likeness. Source Code utilizes this paradigm to illustrate and guide you in orchestrating your life in harmony with your Mind/Body in ways that are ideal for You.

We are born into this world an open book, arriving with no opinions, judgments or limitations and the belief that anything is possible. Over time, these attributes can become shadowed within the requisites of life. We can be somewhat unaware of the magnitude to which we’re psychically, emotionally and spiritually receptive. As we evolve, we’re encoded by the stimuli around us - the cultures and the people within them - adopting and adapting to acclimate within the realities created by them. As we subscribe to these influences, they become perceptions, beliefs and behaviors of our own.

We can become frustrated and somewhat disengaged in our living – feeling unfulfilled in our relationships and work, encountering repetitive patterns and limitations. These are symptoms of a disconnection of mind and heart from truth which is born of our experiences and the limiting beliefs built around them. While our persona tends to mirror those of others, we need not be encapsulated by them.

What if there's nothing erroneous about you or your life, with the possible exception of a belief that there is? What if there's a way to fully embrace your personal best, create and live the life you prefer - one that's not only simple, but one that actually works?

There Is, and You Can ~ My dear friends, we have the technology!

Like words written on a page and later edited, we have the capacity to create and re-create ourselves and our lives at will. Although our conscious sense of our capacities can become obscured as we traverse the mires of life, it is never too late to re-member them and choose something different; and there is no time like the present. If you're willing to be your authentic self, create and enjoy a phenomenal life, this book is for you.

~ Welcome to your Owner’s Manual for Life. ~